Rica Fruta (Costa Rica)

Rica Fruta has been a subsidiary of Levarht since 2006. A large proportion of our melons are produced and exported by Rica Fruta. This unique collaboration enables Levarht to respond rapidly and supply the customer with reliable.


“The products we offer our customers are excellent quality, thanks to the implementation of production practices in the field and post-harvest management which ensure that the product is safe and hygienic.”


Maribel Barquero


Jicaral, Puntarenas, Costa Rica North Zone: in the middle of the Gulf of Nicoya, this area is special for Watermelon and Melon production,  for its dry climate and high temperatures 33 ° C to 35 ° C, which allows less use of agrochemicals and fertilizers since the Sun brings great benefits. As an example the soil solarization: Soil solarization is a nonchemical method for controlling soilborne pests using high temperatures produced by capturing radiant energy from the sun.


Parrita, Costa Rica Central Pacific Coast:  Surrounded by the Pacific coast has excellent soils rich in nutrients and minerals that provide a unique sweetness to melons and watermelons that are harvested in the summer from mid-January to mid-April.